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New Releases are Always Fun

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

My fourth book set in Grand, Montana debuted on 22 February 2022!

If you enjoyed the McGregor Brothers of Grand, Montana, you’re going to love the men of the Endeavour Ranch. Familiar faces will be popping up everywhere. Sheriff Dan McKillop, who featured in the McGregor Brothers series, gets his story in The Montana Sheriff. Order now

About The Montana Sheriff (Grand, Montana Series Book 1):

Down-to-earth sheriff Dan McKillop has always been more than a badge and a pretty face, but it turns out the ladies of Grand, Montana, find him far more appealing as the new co-owner of the Endeavour Ranch than they ever did as the town’s friendly, neighborhood playboy. Dan’s done with commitment-shy women only out for a good time. When a fiery beauty rides into his life on a sweet Harley-Davidson low rider, however, Dan fears he’s found trouble again. Professional firefighter Jasmine O’Reilly is stationed to lead the airbase on the Endeavour Ranch for the summer. Having a safe and successful wildfire season could mean a promotion, and after raising herself out of poverty, Jazz has big dreams. She knows better than to put her future in a man’s hands no matter how charming, wealthy, or full of promises he is. Good-intentioned but overprotective Dan soon realizes he has a type. Meanwhile Jazz, who thought she was long beyond even the slightest brush with the law, finds the sheriff too tempting to resist.

5 stars from Goodreads:

“A dynamite start to a new series… I can’t wait to read more books in the Grand, Montana series.” ~Donnajo, Goodreads reviewer

And be on the lookout for what’s coming next to Grand, Montana:

About The Montana Doctor (Grand, Montana Series Book 2)

Moving on is never easy…

Small-town doctor and Endeavour Ranch co-owner Dr. Dallas Tucker has very few problems in life—other than a shortage of time and an inheritance he doesn’t believe he deserves. He loves volunteering at the local nursing home and is planning to open a clinic on the ranch. But when he discovers the woman who loved and left him has moved to Grand, Montana, he sets out to win her back. Brewmaster Hannah Brand still regrets her impulsive mistake at her sister’s wedding. After discovering her high school sweetheart had cheated on her, she had a passionate one night stand with a charming doctor and left town. Determined to pursue her dream of opening her own brewery, Hannah moves back to Grand and is determined to move on with her life—single. But when the same handsome doctor walks through her door—and clearly makes house calls—Hannah’s past comes flying back. When old doubts resurface, Hannah wonders if time really can heal all wounds…

The Montana Doctor releases 25 April 2022 and is already up for preorder. Order now

The Montana Rancher is available for preorder and The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is an October release (I’m writing it as we speak). I also have two more Grand, Montana books under contract for 2023.

USA Today bestselling author Roxanne Snopek will be joining the Grand, Montana story world in 2023 with her upcoming series The Lost Malones: Siblings adopted as infants search for family and find love along the way.

About The Cowboy’s Lost Family (The Lost Malones Book 1):

He’s looking for the one thing she’s done with: family.

Brade Oliver shows up in Grand, Montana, looking for blood. Genetic tests have brought him this far; now he’s on a mission to discover the biological family that abandoned him to an adoptive family who gave him everything but the truth.

Saddled with too much, too soon, Kendall McKinley wants a normal life, free of family drama. She wants to build her career, work on her restoration project, and hang out with friends.

When Brade Oliver starts asking uncomfortable questions around town, Kendall shuts him down. Who is he to suggest dark secrets buried in their happy community? Brade’s desire to belong, however, softens her heart and triggers unexpected interest.

But when Kendall discovers that Brade is intent on uncovering the past, no matter who it hurts, she must choose between protecting the people she cares for and finding answers with the man she loves.

About Roxanne Snopek:

Born under a Scorpio moon, raised in a little house on the prairie, Roxanne’s Alpha Farm Boy led her to the mountain air and ocean breezes where, while saving creatures great and small, they home-schooled three warrior-goddesses who appreciate great books and know that you should always, always leave a note. In 2012 Roxanne sold her first romance novel. Her popular Three River Ranch made the Barnes & Noble Top Ten list, the Amazon Top 100 list, and is now the foundation of a five-book series. Her second four-book series, Montana Home, has also garnered rave reviews and she now has twelve published novels and novellas, plus five more in progress.

Follow her at:

Other news: Teaching, new house, the days are getting longer!

I’m teaching online classes on writing fiction, a topic I love. I like knowing how things work, and writing-wise, plot is my favourite topic. I also do technical/business writing, but I have it on good authority that technical stuff is boring. I don’t get it—it’s honestly all the same to me, and I love it all. But if you want to hear me get REALLY enthusiastic about how to write fiction, the following opportunity is currently available to the whole world (and in Canadian dollars!):

And we’re creeping closer and closer to moving into our new home. I’m pretty tired of living in the bedroom of our rented house, which doubles as my office, but it’s just down the street from where we’re building. I’m never moving again. Our kids are going to have a hard time getting us into a nursing home. I’ve already priced a stair lift so I can still reach my second-floor office when I’m ninety.

This is the back of the house. My office is in the loft on the front.

2022 is turning out to be a busy writing year for me.

As well as my Grand, Montana series, I have two other writing projects on the go. One is a full-length western romance and hopefully the start of a new series. The second project is a return to my paranormal/fantasy roots. I’m using it to relearn the genre and also to practice my craft on. This is the story where I give myself permission to flex my creativity.

Follow me at:

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