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  • Paula Altenburg

Money Can't Buy Montana, You Say? New small town cowboy romance series

Beau Jones is a country music sensation

I’ve signed a five-book contract with Tule Publishing and I’m so happy about it! The series is called Money Can’t Buy Montana and the setting is a former gold mining town deep in the Pioneer Mountains.

This is a new small town cowboy romance series.

In the first book, Beau Jones is a country music singer who hates country music and knows nothing about country, so his agent signs him up for two months of cowboy training on a ranch in Montana to improve his brand. To say Beau is reluctant is an understatement. He plans to get off the plane and disappear for two months so he can hide out and write the music he loves.

His agent, however, is one step ahead of him.


The cowboy picked up the bag. “Let’s go.”

Beau slipped his guitar straps over his shoulders. Outside the terminal’s main entrance, he got his first real glimpse of the mountains from ground level and a much better idea of their size and scope. To a city boy used to skyscrapers, concrete, and steel, the sight of so much forest and rock and sky felt equal parts awe-inspiring and overwhelming. The sense of confinement—of being cut off from the rest of the world—creeped him out.

They crossed a stretch of pavement, stepped over a short concrete curb, and entered the parking lot. Adam headed straight for a plain white van parked backend next to a hangar at the farthest end of an otherwise empty lot.

Beau’s misgivings, already taxiing down the runway, shot skyward. Takeoff left him a little light-headed and he staggered as if he’d had one drink too many.

“Careful there, cowboy,” Adam said, taking note of his misstep. The mountains had a weird effect on the valley’s acoustics, and his voice echoed, sounding both nearby and far off. “You should lay off the alcohol when you fly. Cabin pressure can cause mild hypoxia.”

Had he been drinking? Beau honestly couldn’t remember. He must have been though, because it certainly felt as if he had.

They reached the van. A young man with his arm in a cast leaned against the side panel. He straightened as Adam and Beau approached. Beau didn’t take note of much more than that because his misgivings were morphing into straight out suspicion. Something about this whole scenario seemed off. He couldn’t put his finger on it.

He couldn’t put his finger on his nose, either. His eyes crossed when he tried it and the world started spinning.

“You don’t look so good. Maybe you should lie down,” Adam said.

He held the rear door of the van open. Beau’s bag was already inside, lying on top of a mattress and sleeping bag. His guitar case was beside it. Beau tried to figure out how that had happened when only two seconds ago, he’d been disembarking a plane. Things weren’t adding up.

A part of his brain struggled out of the fog and advised him to run, so Beau did what any good Jersey boy would do when faced with two strangers and an unmarked van and a premonition of danger. He whipped around and took off.

Except running wasn’t exactly what anyone could call it. His feet tangled together, and he fell on his face. His forehead hit the asphalt with a dull thud, but it was okay, because his hand broke the fall. It twisted beneath him. Somewhere, he heard a twig snap.

He bounced to his feet. “I’m okay.” Two men seized his arms. His head swiveled between them. “Am I ever glad to see you guys. Jesus tried to kidnap me.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got you. You’re safe,” one of them said.

“That’s great. Fantastic. Because I’ve got new songs to write. In fact”—Beau sagged until his knees hit the ground—“I’m going to write one about you. You guys are my heroes.”

Poor Beau is about to discover what cowboying in Montana is really all about. And it might not be what you’d think…

I don’t have publication dates for this series yet, but I have other book things in the works so there will be more news to share soon!


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