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It's Official! Christmas is around the Corner when Christmas Romance eBooks go on Sale!

I know this is true because my Christmas romance eBook is now on sale. The Cowboy's Christmas Baby will be 99 cents until November 12th.

Miles and Tate are one of my favorite (fictional) couples because they each have a great sense of humor. Not much gets them down--especially at Christmas--so what could possibly go wrong??? Their story was a lot of fun to write.

I have 8 books set in the fictional town of Grand, Montana. I've really enjoyed creating this world--so much so, that starting in late January, I'll be leading a 5-week workshop on Worldbuilding through the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS). I've led workshops for WFNS before. The last was on Plot, and I really love sharing what I've learned about writing over the past mmpf number of years, so I'm excited and can't wait.

And I'm not going to say there won't be more Grand, Montana books from me, because number 9 is half written and number 10 is plotted out, but I've shifted writing gears not-so-slightly for 2024. Stay tuned to my blog if you want to hear more about that in the near future.

Today though, it's all about Christmas and Miles and Tate and spreading happy thoughts through storytelling as we head into the holiday season. No matter how (or what) you celebrate, please do it with kindness and joy. Tate will tell you that life is short.

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