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Dallas and Hannah Debut

The Montana Doctor features my fifth book set in Grand, Montana, my second book in the Grand, Montana series, and my eight book overall for Tule Publishing. Wow, does time fly.

People first met Dallas Tucker and Hannah Brand in Branded by the Cowboy, Hannah's sister Claire's story. (The Brands of Montana series.) They were in Alayna Brand and Patterson Campbell's wedding party.

Hannah is the middle sister. The conciliator. The overlooked family member. She seems dull and predictable--until she hooks up with Doctor Dallas Tucker, who is neither of those things.

Hannah owns and operates the Grand Master Brewery and Taproom in Grand.

Ever wonder what the inside of a brewery looks like?

Here's an excerpt from one of my favourite scenes in the book:

The truck wouldn’t start.

Hannah, obviously more interested in its inner workings than the safety of her surroundings, had her head under the hood. Dallas aimed the flashlight for her and eyeballed the tiny parking lot behind the brewery with disapproval and mounting concern.

The Grand Master Brewery sat at the wrong end of an okay neighborhood. The parking lot had been crammed as an afterthought into the leftover space between the brewery on the front, an appliance store in behind, and the backside of a squat, ugly laundromat. The tight narrow driveway between the brewery and the laundromat posed an impromptu but highly effective sobriety test for anyone considering drinking and driving. The lone pole lamp didn’t work, meaning the lot was a breeding ground for drug deals and other clandestine activities that generally took place in the shadows. Nine of the ten parking spaces were empty.

The garbage bins, however, were full, and judging by the smell, aged to a compostable state. A low-hanging, yeasty, fermented grain odor further enhanced their appeal. The patches of grass peering through the cracked asphalt were plain to be seen thanks to the brilliance of the Montana night sky. Not even this parking lot could dim such magnificence.

“Love what you’ve done with the backyard,” he remarked, leaning against the truck’s rust-speckled cab and speaking to the back of her head. “Add a barbecue, some patio furniture, a few potted plants, and you’ve got yourself your own private oasis.” Because why not make the drug dealers and rapists feel right at home.

She muttered “poopy-sticks” under her breath, but it was directed at the engine, not him, which made him grin. She was cute when she lost her temper.

The strap of her pink thong peeked between the waist of her shorts and the hem of her T-shirt as she hoisted herself deeper into the greasy pit. Her taste in underwear had surprised him the first time he’d encountered it. She’d seemed more the type of girl Dan’s mom called “wholesome.” Now, it explained a few things. Her ex-boyfriend definitely hadn’t been paying enough attention to her or her needs.

“Hold the light still,” she said.

He adjusted the flashlight’s position as per her instructions, crossed his legs, and made himself more comfortable while he watched her work, even though the truck was more in need of a mortician than a mechanic. “You could drive my car, you know. I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow, anyway.”

Hannah’s head popped up for a second. She flicked a strand of hair off her face with the back of her wrist, leaving a streak of dirt on her cheek. “That’s plan B. Right now, this is personal.” She dove back under the hood.

The Montana Doctor is an April 25th release. You can order it here.

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