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The Wasteland Series

The first book in the series is available now


On the battlefield of the immortals, as hope springs from the ashes of destruction and despair, one man and one woman unite to set the world free.

Hunter is the Demon Slayer, a man without a past—and without mercy. Airie is the love child of two warring immortals. When Hunter is hired to bring a thief to justice, he’s forced to question everything he’s ever believed. And Airie, born on a world not her own and raised in a temple to be something she’s not, has to decide who—and what—she’s going to be.

Welcome to Wasteland. The Wild West comes back to life in this dystopian fantasy series.

Available: Amazon US/ Amazon CA/ Amazon UK/ Amazon AU/ Amazon NL/ Kobo/ B&N/ iTunes



The complete Spy Games Series

“Paula weaves enough intelligence tradecraft in her writing to keep the shadowy side of the story credible and easy to follow. I was able to relate to Garrett Downing’s analysis and deductive reasoning while he tracks down a criminal selling his country’s secrets.” ~ Mike Fournier CD, Canadian Army Intelligence Operator Warrant Officer (Ret’d) on HER SPY TO HAVE 

For more information on each book (including 1st chapters and how to buy) click on its cover:

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4

















About the Spy Games series:

CSIS is a civilian organization that collects and analyzes security intelligence for risks on behalf of the government and its citizens both at home and abroad.

Deeply committed to their work, and very protective of their reputation for integrity and openness, what happens when an intelligence officer’s integrity is compromised by—or for—someone they’ve come to love?

“International intrigue, adversaries with more in common than they want to admit, and ohhhh the chemistry…I couldn’t put HER SPY TO HAVE down!” ~Samanthe Beck, USA Today Bestselling Author of Emergency Engagement

“Sex, spies and video-tape… if you like your characters hot and your stories smart, don’t miss this great read!” ~Roxanne Snopek, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Chocolate Cure on HER SPY TO HOLD

HIS SPY AT NIGHT by Paula Altenburg is an intriguing and engrossing entry into the author’s spy novel series. Readers will be enthralled by this latest selection.” ~ Judge, Writer’s Digest 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards


The Sweetheart Brand series from Tule Publishing is available now!


Book 1
Book 2
Book 3~coming 06 February 2018








These Montana men know what they want—even when their women take some convincing.

 *The books in the Sweetheart Brand series can be read independently of each other

What reviewers are saying:

“Not having read anything by this author prior to this story, and not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly blown away by the humorous and extremely smart dialog…why she’d not been on my radar before now is a puzzle that won’t carry forward… Being able to swing the emotional pendulum so far each way just demonstrated to me the depth of this author’s writing perfection.” ~ Becky B., NetGalley reviewer

“There’s some heavy emotion couched into these pages; along with some of the best dialogue I’ve read in a while…This book has it all, great plot, two great characters, some steam and chemistry and love. A family who loves hard and fully. Doesn’t get much better than that.” ~ Lori Z., NetGalley reviewer

“I plan on going back and starting this series from the beginning because Branded by Firelight was such a good read. I couldn’t put this one down.” ~ Becky W., NetGalley reviewer

“Loved this book!  It’s a fast paced contemporary romance with depth.  Claire’s back story made for a much richer novel that hooked me from the very first page.  Ben is the ultimate playboy who lives life for a good time, not a long time… I’ve only recently found this author and adore her books.  This one is a must read, and if she’s new to you (like me), join me in working my way through her back list.” ~ Linda Q., NetGalley reviewer