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small town romance

Steal Alert! Her Secret Love is 99 cents

Welcome to Cherry Lake, Montana!

The Secrets of Cherry Lake is a new series from Tule Publishing, and Her Secret Love, book #3, is on sale for a short period of time.


Check it out at: Amazon.UK/ Barnes&Noble/ Kobo/ iTunes

I hope you enjoy it.

And be sure to check out all five stories in the series. You won’t be disappointed!

Side-lined by Spring and other things

Spring has been anxiously anticipated in my part of the country. This was the hardest winter I can remember in years. (Everyone says that, right?)

When it landed, all my good intentions for running went straight out the window. It turns out that my virus-induced asthma–mild as it is–doesn’t like extreme season changes, either. Now that I can somewhat breathe again, as far as exercise, I’m back to square one. I kept up with the yoga. (And yes, I still hate it. I have no idea why.)

So. Starting over, and taking things slow… I’m planning to get out for 6k of running/walking today, weather permitting. First I have some writing related things to take care of. I have a few deadlines looming, meaning work takes precedence.

We’ll see how things go.

I also have news to share on the writing front. My first self-published release, I’ll Love You Forever (Book 1 in the Broken Hearts series) is coming soon!

Isn’t the cover pretty?



Lovers reunited. Nobody promised love would be easy.

Singer/songwriter Danielle Jackson, a bright star in the Canadian music industry, appears to have it all—until a tragic accident takes it away. With contract obligations to fulfill and deadlines looming, she really needs the friendship and support of the one person she could always rely on.

Unfortunately, he’s also the person who’s hurt her the most.

Single dad and small town farmer Christian Hunter used to believe if you love someone you should let them go and trust they’ll return, but ten years is a long time. When Danni comes home to recover from the car crash in which her fiancé and fellow band mate was killed, he knows he should leave well enough alone. He’s done with comforting broken-hearted women. These days, he’s saving his love for his young son.

Sometimes love, however, deserves a second chance.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat level: Sensual

Pages: 216 (50,000 words)