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Interview with Kim from Read Your Writes


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Today I’m interviewing Kim from Read Your Writes Book Reviews! Kim recently celebrated her 4-year blogging anniversary.

Kim’s a bit shy and a whole lot private.



We’re going to get to know her better today. I’ve got to say, as much fun as it is to talk about myself, this interview was even better.

So let’s get started. 

Welcome, Kim! Let’s start with the most obvious. What got you into blogging and reviewing? What keeps you going?

Hmm.  Okay, so here’s the long story.  On a Thanksgiving trip to Texas, my nephew wanted to go to the movies.  He insisted we see Twilight.  I complained the whole way there.  Then I fell in love with the movie and wanted to know more about the series.  But the book was freaking long.  I mean seriously, who reads a book that’s 500+ pages?  On the same trip, my mother gave me my first Nora Roberts book saying, “Your head is always in the clouds, you can read this.”  I started reading the book there and on the airplane ride back.  I thought, “Hey, reading isn’t so bad.”  I then decided to give Twilight a try.

I got into blogging because being a stay-at-home mom sucks.  It’s boring and you’re by yourself all the time.  Let’s face it, there’s just so much communication you can have with a two year old.  And I’m sure my husband got tired of me calling him at work for absolutely nothing at all.  He’s actually the one who came up with the idea of me blogging.  That way I could be behind the computer (because I’m shy) and still interact with people.  Plus I wasn’t going to Target every day, buying things I didn’t need, just to talk to the cashiers.

What keeps me going?  I love reading books and getting to interact with people.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really nice authors and some not so nice ones.  I don’t get paid for this, but reviewing and blogging is a job.  It’s a pretty cool one too.

Tell us the first scene from a book you’ve reviewed that immediately pops into your head. No cheating! (And yes, you will be judged.)

Okay. The first scene that pops in my head is from Victoria James’ The Best Man’s Baby.  The heroine finds out she’s pregnant by her best friend’s husband’s brother and said brother (Jake) has been MIA since the night they were together. There’s a barbeque and Jake shows up with one of his flings. The heroine is upset and walks up to him and says, “Welcome home daddy,”as she sticks the pregnancy test stick in his burger.

Obviously, you’re well-read and read across a lot of genres. What’s your biggest turn-off? (It can be anything—cover, blurb, writing, combination of all of the above….) What’s the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard for you?

I’m a visual person.  Covers grab my attention.  If I don’t like the cover, then I’m not wasting my time reading the blurb.  I know that sounds bad, but it happens.  Now, if it’s an author I like I just ignore the cover (okay I still think to myself this is bad), but still read the book.

I hate getting cold emails from tour companies I’ve never heard of.  I only use a select few, because there are A LOT of bad ones out there.

I also hate group emails where the person is so rude that they don’t bother to BCC people.  Oh and authors signing me up for their newsletters without asking me.  I know you signed me up because the email is going to the wrong account.

You have children and they’re never going to see this—so which one would you give away? And under what circumstances?

I went through hell for my kids.  They’re stuck with me FOREVER!  Even when I’m dead, I want them to hear my voice in their heads.

When authors ask you for favours –*ahem*—what’s your initial reaction? Again, no cheating!

What kind of favor are you talking about?  If you ask about helping to hide a dead body.  NOT going to happen.  I can’t go to jail.  I wouldn’t last there.

Now, if you’re talking appearing on the blog, I’m cool with that.  Usually, I spend about 5 minutes being excited someone asked to appear.  But it’s also the way I’m approached.  I have a name, so use it.  If someone wants me to read their book and I can’t I tend to feel really bad.

If you could get away with murder, which fictional character would you kill? How would you do it?

Oh. I just got this wicked smile on my face.  I’m sure there are several.  But the first character to pop into my head is the mother from Wendy S. Marcus’ Loving You Is Easy.  The mother is/was all about status.  She didn’t care that her daughter was date raped by her boyfriend and his friend.  The boyfriend had prominent, elicit parents.  The mother thought her daughter should be happy that he was dating her.

Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Melissa Marr walk into a bar. All three are hitting on Lee Child. Who do you root for?

I found my love of reading through Nora Roberts, so I have to root for her.

Boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs? Loincloth? (Sorry—just watched Tarzan last week….) White or black socks? What’s your opinion on ball caps?

Boxers and I don’t care.  Ball caps worn backwards.

Of the critters currently roaming your back yard—which would you eat first if that zombie apocalypse ever strikes?

You’re funny.  Well, there is Thomas the snake in the backyard.  Since I gave him a name, I can’t possibly kill and eat him. Plus, there’s the issue of me being afraid of snakes.  The lizards creep me out too.  There’s the frogs, but I’m sure they’re slimy.  I guess I’m going to have to go with one of the squirrels.  I’m sure I can figure out how to cook it. I’m just not sure how to catch it and kill it.  Okay, I’m royally screwed here.  I’m going to starve to death and the zombies who I don’t like are going to kill me.

And let’s end with another obvious question… Who’s your second favourite author? (Because we’re just going to go ahead and assume that your first is me.)

Wow. You aren’t nice at all.  Second favorite author…..I have a slew of favorite authors.  There’s absolutely NO way I can give them numbers.

Okay Ms. Paula, this was fun.  Thanks for putting me on the spot.  I now understand what you authors go through, when I ask you questions.  But seriously, thank you for asking me to appear on your blog.  If anyone cares (please care), they can find me online at these places.

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Kim, thanks for being here! You are truly a good sport—despite being a sissy when it comes to zombies ’n squirrel-killin’… I bet you’ll get over that pretty quick. Especially if they’re zombie squirrels.

Don’t eat those ones.

And because interviews are so much fun, next week I’ll introduce readers to three of the male characters from my Spy Games series. (Trust me, Kim. You got off easy.)

Readers, if you have any questions for Kim, be sure to leave them in the comments below. She’s a little cagey about her criminal past, though. Be sensitive.

Have a happy week! And don’t forget to follow her!