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Monthly Archives: July 2016

There’s More of Me to Love

I have a shiny new red bicycle!


Not exactly as shown

Not exactly as shown

It’s no big secret that writing is a sedentary and solitary occupation. It’s possible I spend way too much time at the computer–although my word count contradicts me. Consequently, I might have put on a few (and I’m understating this) pounds.

The Foreign Guy and I have been trying find an athletic activity to do together, but our options are limited. We don’t share the same interests.

I love to run. I plan to get back into running. But arthritis has settled into a toe I broke years ago, and for the past few months, running has not been an enjoyable experience. Plus, the Foreign Guy hates to run. HATES it, despite being a sports-minded guy and a  speedskater in a former life.

Love the pink

Love the pink

I got a side eye when I suggested yoga. We both hate it, but I’m willing to stretch while watching television at night. I wouldn’t call what I do yoga–not in the traditional sense–but at least I’m off the sofa. He doesn’t care what I call it. He’s having no part of it.

This isn't exactly as shown either.

This isn’t exactly as shown either.

I can’t swim and I have no desire to learn. Which is funny because I spent fifteen years of my life at pools with my sons for swimming lessons, training sessions, and competitions.

That leaves us with bicycling.

The Foreign Guy grew up on a bicycle. He can bicycle circles around me. The last time we visited his family, I was rear-ended by another cyclist (who’d never seen a grown woman take three tries to get a bike in motion), drove into his friend’s parents’ shrubbery, and narrowly avoided being taken out  by a car hauling a trailer. Good luck was with me that day.

So in between books being written, and books being released, (for the latest, check out, I plan to take up a new hobby and lose the winter muffin top.

And before I forget, Her Spy to Have is on sale for 99 cents for the month of July! Plus, the third book in the series, His Spy at Night, will be coming in September.

Be sure to leave me a note and tell me how you plan to get your exercise this summer.

What’s your favourite activity?