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Monthly Archives: February 2016

That Feeling When You Grand Slam a New Series

I have a contemporary romance spy series coming in March!

Spy baby


And it feels pretty amazing. I love the concept, the characters, and pretty much everything about it.

But first, before we talk about me…

I had a chance to read an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of Samanthe Beck’s newest book, Emergency Engagement, releasing tomorrow. And, as usual, her book is fantastic. I hope she feels good about this first book in her newest series, because she has every right.


There are a number of reasons I love Ms. Beck’s books. She writes the best dialogue. Her sense of humour shines through. Her books, for the most part, are fairly low angst, even when they’re angsty.

I love the angst in Emergency Engagement, but it’s not at all depressing. Her hero has issues, but he’s no moody EMO. If you’ve got a soft heart though, you might need some tissues about 3/4 through. Fortunately for me, I’m heartless. I was totally there for the laughs. Plenty of those, too.

And Ms. Beck can write. I can’t stress that enough. I love the way the words flow in her stories. It’s like reading poetry. Naughty poetry mind you, but a step or two up from the dirty limericks you passed around in fifth grade. Or maybe that was just me.

You can check out Emergency Engagement here if you don’t believe me. (FYI, Amazon offers free samples.)

Now, back to me…

(Cues the drumroll.)

I finished the second book in my upcoming Spy Games series today.

Yes, I'm very happy

Yes, I’m very happy

The first book, Her Spy To Have, (featuring Garrett and Isabelle), releases March 15th. As soon as I get a cover I’ll share.

Book 2, Her Spy To Hold, (Kale and Irina’s story) is tentatively scheduled for May.

Book 3 is now officially in the works!

What are you reading this week?