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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Welcome, 2015!

My tree comes down today. This is the first time in too long that I’m sorry to see it go.

Somewhere along the line, I bought into the hype that my tree had to go up and my house be decorated by December 1st. But I can’t handle the clutter. Every year, it bothered me more. I don’t like being surrounded by doodads and sparkly stuff. I hate having to dust it, or worse, knowing it should be dusted, but how do I dust a tree?

There’s also the question of who I’m doing the decorating for. My kids are in university in other provinces, and they also work, so they come home for a week, maybe two. My family and friends live an hour away, so it’s not like they’re dropping in for eggnog. My husband is Dutch, so it’s not his tradition. The only one who cares is me, and a month is sensory overload.

So this year, my tree went up a week before Christmas, and it’s coming down a week after.

Today is the big day.

If I were more religious, the tree would stay up until January 6th, which is Little Christmas, or Epiphany. New Year’s however, trumps Little Christmas for me, at least with regard to my house.

I like to start the new year off with a clean house and a spreadsheet full of goals and timelines. I love that spreadsheet. It’s a living document because my priorities quite often shift through the year, but ultimately, on December 31st I can look at it and see what I accomplished as opposed to what I’d planned. Throughout the year it can sometimes feel like I’m getting nothing done, but on December 31st, that spreadsheet tells me I did more than I thought. It also lets me know where my expectations were unrealistic so I can adjust them for the upcoming year.

I love the excitement of starting new projects, and a new year is a project in itself.

So bring it, 2015!

The tree’s coming down and I’m almost ready.