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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Things Are Happening

Pretty soon I’ll have a new cover to share. Her Secret, His Surprise is a Red-Hot Bliss contemporary romance, coming July 14th from Entangled Publishing. I love it! Cass and Logan both have boatloads of secrets, and it was fun watching them try to figure each other out. Logan can be a bit of a tease. Just sayin’.

Demon Creed completed my Demon Outlaws series, and I’m currently working on a cowboys and aliens story due to release in November. It’s fun and lighter than my demon books, and I enjoyed it a lot. After this one, however, it’s on to straight fantasy for me. I have one I’ve been working on for forever, and I need to finish it!! You can check out the first chapter on my website,

Oh, and we’re doing some home renovations. I’ll have to post some before and after photos once we get the new flooring in. That’s my excitement for the summer. Anyone have plans for the warm weather You’d like to share?